Heat Pump Trouble in Cold Weather-Does It Blow Hot or Cold Air?

One thing that has become evident in this last cold spell is that a heat pump is great if it’s working correctly.  If it is not, it can be really uncomfortable. The 15 SEER Trane heat pump in my own house hasn’t had to use auxiliary heat except for one day.  Yes, at 19 degrees… (read more)

From Sheet Metal to Owner: Progression through Air Conditioning

  As of the twelfth of this month I have been in air conditioning for 42 years.  I began as a vocational student sweeping the floor of a sheet metal shop and occasionally helping on the air conditioning side of the business.  During college I worked part time as a designer and estimator.  After college… (read more)

Variable Speed Air Conditioning – Cooling Better Today than Yesterday

TRANE XV20i Air 115x115 - 2014-08-20 Snip

Forty-two years ago when I started in air conditioning, units were very simple.  What we expected was also very basic.  If the house was 20 degrees cooler than outside, we were fine.  No one worried if one room was warmer than the others.  We were happy if we weren’t burning up. Many people are still… (read more)

Best Energy Saving Thermostats | ECOBEE

Air conditioner manufacturers are always trying to come out with high efficiency systems and options that increase comfort while decreasing utility costs.  One part of a heating and cooling system that is often overlooked is your thermostat.  The majority of us have just a simple standard thermostat on the wall.  Whether you have a simple… (read more)

New AC System? Cheap Vs. Inexpensive | Kerrville, Texas

Written by Donald Kampfhenkel,  owner of D&D Mechanical   I am going to rant today.  My new favorite saying is going to be “If you want it cheap go down the street”. We offer some really good value jobs and many times have the low price on the job.  However, we can’t beat a low… (read more)

Indoor Air Quality in Kerrville | Trane CleanEffects

There are many factors that affect the quality of your indoor air.  Having clean air in your house not only increases your comfort but can also keep you healthier.  Low air quality in your home can cause allergies, asthma, common colds, viruses, and digestive problems along with many other conditions.  In fact, indoor air is… (read more)

Is Two-Stage Equipment Worth The Cost In The Kerrville Area?

Written by Donald Kampfhenkel, owner of D&D Mechanical   Are two-speed units worth the cost?  That’s a question that is often asked.  The answer is yes and no. No, if you are going to sell the house in the next year.  Yes in all other cases. I put in a 15 SEER Trane heat pump… (read more)

Spring Maintenance Checks for Kerrville, Texas

Spring is here! It’s time again to have your air conditioning system checked.  It’s important to have regular seasonal checks to insure that your system is working properly and to fix any small developing problems before they get big.  Leaving small problems unfixed can break down a system quickly. D&D Mechanical offers a pre-season maintenance… (read more)

Galvanized Countertops by D&D Mechanical | Food Safety

In addition to the copper countertop we recently fabricated, we made a galvanized countertop for a customer.  This countertop serves as a work area for plants and other things.  This customer asked us to go to her house, measure the wooden counter, fabricate galvanized steel to cover the wood, and go back to the house… (read more)

Copper Countertop | Made in Kerrville, Texas

  We recently had the opportunity of working with copper.  Because of the price increase of copper over the last several years, it has become less common to use copper for projects such as countertops.  The countertops we fabricated recently were made out of a sheet of cold roll copper in an .032 thickness.  Because… (read more)